Kumho Petrochemical “Fully Driving” its Business to Recycle Plastic Waste to Produce Raw Material
No. 17 Date registered : 2022.11.22
■ A MOU for cooperation was signed for the recycled styrene monomer (RSM) business using pyrolysis technology of Agilyx for polystyrene (PS) waste.


■ It is the first MOU signed since the RSM business launch announcement in August 2021… It plans to introduce the technology and construct an RSM production plant.
■ It is preparing to commercialize its “Eco-Solution Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SSBR),” wherein RSM is applied to synthetic rubber SSBR… drawing attention as an eco-friendly material for tires.

Kumho Petrochemical (CEO Baek Jong-hoon) announced on November 22 that it signed an MOU for business cooperation with Technip Energies (T.EN), a company specializing in engineering services, for the pyrolysis of PS waste and RSM. 

RSM is an eco-friendly material obtained through pyrolysis and recycling of PS waste and is mainly used as a raw material of synthetic rubber and resin in the petrochemical field.  

As it is the first MOU signed since the company announced the launch of its RSM project in August last year, Kumho Petrochemical plans to take a full-fledged drive in the RSM business by introducing the technology for the pyrolysis of PS waste and constructing a plant for such technology in the future. The goal is to start commercializing RSM products in 2026. T.EN, a company that possesses the publication rights of Agilyx’s technology, the owner of the original technology for the pyrolysis of PS waste, agreed to actively support Kumho Petrochemical’s related works, including the licensing transfer.  

Meanwhile, Kumho Petrochemical is also preparing to commercialize “Eco-SSBR,” wherein RSM is applied to the company’s SSBR product. The company’s SSBR is a highly functional synthetic rubber for the improved wear resistance and mileage performance of tires. As Eco-SSBR uses RSM, a recycled raw material, instead of styrene, a primary raw material for SSBR, it has recently drawn much attention of Korean and other tire companies worldwide as an eco-friendly material for tires. 

In addition to Eco-SSBR, the company continues the research and development of RSM-based eco-friendly products with its client companies of styrene monomer (SM)–based synthetic rubber and resin [styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), PS, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), etc.]. The company thus plans to focus on securing sustainable product series. 


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