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    As a global leader of synthetic rubber, we offer best-quality synthetic rubber from universal products such as SBR and BR to high-functional products such as SSBR and NdBR optimized for tire labeling system.
    From food containers to automobile, we provide most of resin products necessary for daily life. We are extending our area to high-functional products with reinforced attributes such as energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.
    We provide rubber chemicals to improve stability and durability of rubber products such as tires. We have global quality and production capacity for antioxidants.
    We provide key chemicals required for pattern formation of semiconductor and display. Starting with production technology for ArF Photoresist, we are leading local production of electronic materials.
    We provide carbon nanotube which has 100-time tensile strength of steel and 1000-time electroconductivity of copper. We lead material innovation by developing composite material with synthetic resin and rubber.
    As a group energy provider, we provide steam and electricity generated by operating cogeneration power plant. We are extending to new & renewable energy area with solar heat, sunlight, TDF, and biomass.
    We provide eco-friendly housing environment through an eco-friendly construction material brand, 'Hugreen.' We are raising the standard of window systems with ABS windows which don't have harmful heavy metal and toxic material.


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