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    As a global leader of synthetic rubber, we offer the highest quality of synthetic rubber, from products for general use such as SBR and BR to highly functional SSBR and NdBR optimized for the tire efficiency labeling program.
    From food containers to automobiles, we provide most of the resin products you need in your daily life. We are expanding the scope of products to a highly functional line with enhanced energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.
    We offer rubber chemicals that increase the stability and durability of rubber products such as tires. Focused on anti-oxidants and anti-aging agents, we boast of world-class quality and production capacity.
    We supply carbon nanotube with 100 times the tensile strength of iron and 1,000 times the electrical conductivity of copper. Through the development of composite matter such as synthetic resin and synthetic rubber, we are leading innovation in the material field.
    As a collective energy business, we supply steam and electricity produced through the operation of a combined heat and power plant. We are expanding our fields to the areas of renewable energy, such as solar thermal, solar light, TDF, and biomass.
    Through our eco-friendly construction material brand Hugreen, we create an eco-friendly residential atmosphere. With ABS windows free from harmful heavy metals and toxic substances, we enhance the standard of window systems.


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