Kumho Petrochemical to Switch Its Company Vehicles to Eco-friendly Models by 2030
No. 16 Date registered : 2022.11.17
■ The company participated in and made an announcement at the “K-EV100” (Korean-type switch to nonpolluting vehicles 100), held by the Korean Ministry of Environment


■ The company plans to convert and operate over 60 company vehicles used across all of its business sites to nonpolluting vehicles by 2030
■ “We find it very meaningful that we joined the K-EV100 initiative,” said Chairman Park Chan-koo. “Kumho Petrochemical will continue its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) activities with sincerity.”


On November 17, Kumho Petrochemical (CEO Baek Jong-hoon) announced that it joined the “K-EV100” initiative and will switch the vehicles used across all its business sites to nonpolluting models. 

K-EV100, organized by the Korean Ministry of Environment and the Korea Automobile Environmental Association, is a collaborative program in which companies switch all their owned or leased vehicles to nonpolluting models by 2030 to improve air quality and achieve carbon neutrality in the transportation sector. It entails increasing the share of nonpolluting vehicles used by companies, such as electric and hydrogen models, so that their operations can naturally contribute to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and polluting matter.

Since 2020, Kumho Petrochemical has been testing hydrogen fuel cell–powered vehicles at its business site in Ulsan to preemptively prepare for its switch to eco-friendly models. The company’s ESG Committee announced that it decided to join the K-EV100 program and intends to expand its use of nonpolluting vehicles and recharging infrastructure to operate over 60 nonpolluting vehicles across all its business sites by 2030.

“We find it very meaningful that we joined the K-EV100 initiative to fully achieve the carbon neutrality target; Kumho Petrochemical will continue its ESG activities with sincerity,” said Chairman Park Chan-koo.  

“In accordance with our K-EV100 declaration, we will focus our strategic efforts on accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions through business site collaboration and transitioning to clean energy consumption in the future,” said company CEO Baek Jong-hoon.

The company announced its plan to achieve carbon neutrality growth at the beginning of this year. It expects its share of carbon emission reductions to surpass the increase of emissions in 2035 and considers it the new first year of carbon neutrality growth. Its ultimate goal is to achieve carbon neutrality growth by 2050, on which the entire company is focusing all its efforts. # # #   


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