Kumho Petrochemical‘s Recycled PS Reborn as Refrigerator
No. 13 Date registered : 2022.07.20
■ Functional PCR PS material using discarded plastic containers, first applied to high-quality refrigerator line


■ The sustainable management of all the companies involved enhanced, from the supply of raw materials to the production of final products
■ CEO Baek Jong-hoon: “We will continue to think about efficiently utilizing resources while expanding the functionality of our products.”

On the 20th, Kumho Petrochemical (CEO Baek Jong-hoon) announced that it had completed the development and commercialization of PCR PS, a recycled plastic product, and started selling it in earnest to amp up its efforts toward sustainable management. 

PCR PS (postconsumer recycled polystyrene) is a synthetic resin material made by recycling discarded PS polystyrene (PS) products. Kumho Petrochemical collects existing PS material containers that contain beverages and manufactures and sells PCR PS with equivalent properties similar to existing PS items through compressing, grinding, washing, and drying. In this regard, Kumho Petrochemical signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) last March with hy, a beverage manufacturer for brands such as Yakult, to secure a stable supplier of discarded PS, which is the raw material for PCR PS.

Since then, Kumho Petrochemical has continuously improved the physical properties and utilization of PCR PS through a research project on eco-friendly plastic materials. Recently, the company completed testing for a refrigerator part and holder bracket for LG Electronics and proceeded with the initial sale of such products. Based on the advantage that all the companies involved can form an eco-friendly and sustainable virtuous cycle, from raw material to final product, Kumho Petrochemical plans to expand the use of PCR PS in a new lineup of products, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and air purifiers. 

Baek Jong-hoon, CEO of Kumho Petrochemical, explained, “We will continue to think about efficiently utilizing resources while expanding the functionality of our products.” On such sustainable management activities of Kumho Petrochemical Group, Chairman Park Chan-koo stressed, “It is important to think about the symbiosis of mankind and the environment, and make the change first from what is feasible, even if it is small.“
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