Kumho Petrochemical’s Safety and Environment Group Promoted to be Directly Under the CEO
No. 11 Date registered : 2022.03.23
■ The Safety and Environment Group was promoted as the “Safety and Environment Planning Office,” directly reporting to the CEO

■ Expected to enhance safety and environmental management tasks as a separate and independent group
■ CEO Baek Jong-hoon: “We expect our stakeholders to trust Kumho Petrochemical in safety and environment.”

On the 23rd, Kumho Petrochemical CEO Baek Jong-hoon announced a new safety and environment office that will directly report to the CEO and be established as part of its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management practice. 


Later that day, Kumho Petrochemical promoted its Safety and Environment Team as the “Safety and Management Planning Office” at the HQ’s Technology Planning, establishing its independence and status. Moving forward, the Safety and Environment Office will oversee ESG compliance as the control point that oversees the safety and environment work of Kumho Petrochemical’s 12 business sites (HQ, Ulsan Rubber Plant, Ulsan Resin Plant, Yeosu Rubber Plant, Daejeon Research Center, etc.)  


Managing Director Nam Jeong-woo, an on-site expert who has been in charge of the safety and environmental tasks in Kumho Petrochemical for 25 years, has been appointed as the head of the Safety and Environment Office. Nam will unify the safety and environment policies in each business site and will help implement them through his profound knowledge and experience in the field.


Meanwhile, Kumho Petrochemical established its safety and health vision last January with the slogan, “A healthy company that aims for mutual happiness with safety as the priority value.” They announced three goals: “ZERO” serious accidents, the establishment of a safety and health infrastructure, and a voluntary safety and health management culture.


CEO Baek commented, “Through the establishment of Safety and Environment Planning Office, the security of the company’s safety and environment management work will be further strengthened.” He added, “We expect our stakeholders to trust Kumho Petrochemical in safety and environment.” ###


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