Kumho Petrochemical Promotes New Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Business Model Utilizing Recycled Plastics
No. 8 Date registered : 2021.08.24
Production of environment-friendly RSM with pyrolyzed waste polystyrene


Provision of Eco-SSBR that utilizes RSM as a raw material to tire manufacturers and shoe brands
CEO Baek Jong-hoon says, “Discussions on environment-friendly projects are ongoing. We will focus on carbon-neutral and greenhouse gas reduction as well.”

On the 24th, Kumho Petrochemical CEO Baek Jong-hoon announced that it will implement a manufacturing business model that uses recycled styrene monomer (RSM), an eco-friendly raw material obtained by pyrolyzing waste polystyrene (PS).


Currently, the company is promoting the RSM plant’s construction through partnerships with expert foreign businesses in the field of waste plastic recycling and preparing the commercialization of “Eco-SSBR,” which adapts RSM to its solution styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR) product. Kumho Petrochemical’s SSBR is a high-performance synthetic rubber that improves tire wear life and fuel efficiency. Once RSM is used, SSBR will become more of an eco-friendly product. Kumho Petrochemical will supply “Eco-SSBR” to domestic and foreign sustainable tire manufacturers and shoe brands.


PS is a type of plastic commonly used in food containers for dairy products, disposable cup lids, agricultural and fishery products packaging trays, and Styrofoam packaging for home appliances. At present, only physical recycling methods are employed to reuse polystyrene, and treated PS is primarily used only in the manufacture of low-grade plastics. When the used PS is contaminated by food, etc., the only option is to dispose of it through incineration or landfill.


Kumho Petrochemical plans to collect waste PS and apply chemical recycling methods, such as pyrolysis, to achieve a virtuous cycle of resources and reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, as a petrochemical material manufacturer and in addition to RSM, the company focuses on waste reduction and looks for new businesses to transform waste plastic into eco-friendly products.


Baek shares, “We are continuously developing eco-friendly businesses to strengthen our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management … Kumho Petrochemical will keep pursuing sustainable development and strive to achieve carbon neutrality and greenhouse gas reduction.” 


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