Styrene Acrylonitrile
KUMHO SAN has good transparency, high stiffness, and chemical resistance for the foaming products and is applicable to electronics, daily supplies, ABS, and different compounding.


  • Cosmetics
  • Home appliances
  • Compounding
  • Miscellaneous goods
  • Building materials


  • Applicable to various products with its high transparency, stiffness, wear resistance, and chemical resistance
  • By adding a blue tint additive, it is possible to control the yellowness due to the heat history during foaming

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Category Grade Characteristics Melt Index Tensile Strength
SAN SAN 300 High strength, high flow 21 720
SAN 310TR High transparency, blue tint 10 660
SAN 315TR High transparency, crystal 12 660
SAN 310CTR High transparency, crystal 20 620
SAN 320 High transparency, ultra-high flow 40 630
SAN 326 Positive flow 21 690
SAN 330EF High transparency, high strength, blue tint & Ice 8 705
SAN 330I High transparency, high strength 8 705
SAN 335T High transparency, high strength, blue tint & ice 10 710
SAN 350 Ultra-high-temperature resistance, high strength 11 780
SAN 350HW Ultra-high-temperature resistance, high strength 6 810


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