Dear shareholders and customers,

Kumho Petrochemical started to produce synthetic rubber in 1970 for the first time in Korea and has since then developed to become an industrial leader through ceaseless technical innovations and efforts. We have had competitiveness by preemptively responding to market demands and realizing the economy of scale in the solid to liquid rubber fields.

To achieve higher goals based on the current success, Kumho Petrochemical has extended its business portfolio to synthetic resins, fine chemistry, energy, electronics, and construction materials through change and innovation, to enhance your daily lives.

We have sensibly overcome crises through the improvement of the profit system and by applying product differentiation strategies even though we have faced price increase, an unstable supply of raw materials, and domestic and overseas economic recessions. We have been able to restructure ourselves without being restrained by practices, and we will embrace the challenge to manufacture only the best products every time.

“The environment is more important than the business” is Kumho Petrochemical’s philosophy. Kumho Petrochemical seeks sustainable management by building a safe environment and health system based on ISO. We will always try to reform awareness with strict safety and environment management, and build a safer and healthier environment by developing eco-friendly technologies.

Through a stable management, Kumho Petrochemical will take off as a Global Leading Chemical Group. We will do our best to meet the expectations and support of our shareholders and customers.

Thank you.

CEO 문동준 사진


Name Dong-Joon Moon
Date of Birth Oct. 20, 1954
Education Feb. 1973 Whimoon High School
  Feb. 1977 Dept. of Agricultural Economy, Korea Univ.
  May 1995 MBA from Syracuse University, USA
Experience Jul. 1979 Joined Kumho Petrochemical
  Jan. 2002 – Nov. 2010 Management Executive officer, Kumho Mitsui Chemicals (Managing Director)
  Dec. 2010 – Dec. 2011 Management and Financial Executive officer, Kumho P&B Chemicals (Executive Director)
  Jan. 2012 – Mar. 2019 Vice President & CEO, Kumho P&B Chemicals
  Jan. 2019 - Present 20th Chairman, the Korea Petrochemical Industry Association
  Mar. 2019 - Present President & CEO, Kumho Petrochemical
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